WELCOME TO DHAWA Quzhou, Zhejiang, China (Opening 4th Quarter 2020)

Be Here, be you.

Inspired by the journaling of Ming Dynasty Great Traveler, Geographer Xu Xiake, Dhawa Quzhou is the first international brand hotel delivering peerless service and experience to the city. Located in the lush city center, Dhawa Quzhou fuses stylish design with China’s rich cultural elements, explore innovative fashion and social amenities in the vibrant city.

Dhawa Quzhou
No.399 of Jiuhuazhong road in Baiyun street,
Kecheng District, Quzhou,
Zhejiang Province,P.R. China 324000

  • 23 mins drive from Quzhou Train station to hotel
  • 18 mins drive from Quzhou airport to hotel
  • 11 mins drive from South Family Temple of Confucius
  • 9 mins drive from Shui Ting Men to hotel
  • 32 Mins drive from Lanke Mountain
  • About 1 hour drive from Tian Ji Long Men to hotel
  • 45 mins drive from Long You Grottoes to hotel
  • 49 mins drive from Sanqu stone forest to hotel
  • About 1 hour drive from Kaihua root carving buddhism cultural tourist attraction to hotel
  • About 1 hour drive from Jianglang Mountain to hotel