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the gathering spring during tet holidays

Traditional Tết Celebration

Dhawa Ho Tram, Vietnam

A Tết season filled of vibrant joys and cozy gatherings at Dhawa Ho Tram

This Tết holidays - A great time to have an ecstatic family getaway and enjoy the blooming springtime at Dhawa Ho Tram - where the traditional strokes meet the fusion twists for fulfilling and cheerful family moments!

vietnamese traditional dishes during Tet holidays

Dining Experiences

Vietnamese 7-course set menu

"Wealth of the Spring" Set Menu

Merrily celebrate the new days of Spring in best wishes and fortunes with this Lucky Vietnamese 7-course Set Menu

Nook Restaurant | 09 - 13 Feb | 11AM - 9PM

A vietnamese and international buffet during Tet holidays

Fan-Tết-tic Buffet

Dive in the wonderful nights with an array of Vietnamese delicacies and traditional entertainments for the whole family.

Azura Restaurant | 11 - 13 Feb | 6PM - 9PM

countdown on the beach with traditional treats and tea

Tết Countdown Campfire

Enjoy the last night of Year-of-the-Cat on the whistling shoreline with the complimentary toothsome treats of the Tết.

By the Beach | 09 Feb | 10PM - 12AM

The Tết Hamlet

write your wishes on the frame with red envelopes
ACTIVA Terrace | 09 - 14 Feb |

The Wish Frame

Write down and hang up the wishes to pray for a bright new year - a year of wellness and prosperity.

folk games during Tet holidays at Dhawa Ho Tram
ACTIVA Terrace | 09 - 14 Feb | 9:30AM - 11:30AM

The Folk Stations

Light up your Tết holidays with fun-filled folk-games and entertainments: Tết Sortilege, Fish-Prawn-Crab Roulette, Mandarin Square Capturing Game

calligraphy and parallels written by elder teacher to wish for success and wisdom
Dhawa Pool Lounge | 12 Feb | 8AM - 10AM


Nurture a traditional custom of Tết holidays to wish for a fruitful year of wisdom and erudition.

Other Recreations & Entertainments

the traditional art of vietnam durinig tet hoilidays

Dragon & Lion Dance

Excite the new Year-of-the-Dragon with a traditional art performance to welcome a new year with lucks and fulfillments!

Resort Public Area | 10 Feb | 9AM - 10AM

the wish tree at dhawa pool

The Neu Tree

A place to expel the bad lucks and evil to embrace the fortunes and wishes for a peaceful and full-of-health new year.

Dhawa Main Pool | 09 - 13 Feb

folk games in tet

The Tết Playground

Immerse in the endless fun of outdoor Tết games for the whole family to cherish every single moments

Clay Pig Hitting | Tết Hoopla Game | Giant Fish-Prawn-Crab Roulette

Dhawa Lawn | 10 - 14 Feb | 3:30PM - 5PM

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