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Spa & Wellbeing

Spa & Wellbeing

Live Well, Travel Well

Enrich your travels and get lost in the elements, with the authentic and impactful therapies and practices at Dhawa’s 8LEMENTS Spa.

Live life through a different lens with 35% off a la carte spa treatments.

Live well Travel well

Where I Nurture Self & Nature

8LEMENTS Spa, pronounced as ‘8-lements’ or simply as ‘Elements’, reflects our our commitment to provide essential and accessible wellbeing products and services that care for not just self but also nature.

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8lements spa

Banyan Tree Essentials

Turn your bed or bath time into a sensorial experience with our range of skincare and aromatherapy products inspired by Banyan Tree Spa’s treatments. Enriched with essential oils, these luxurious scrubs, lotions and home fragrances harness the power of botanicals to produce high-performance skincare and mood-boosting fragrances for your living and working spaces'.

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