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Dhawa Jinan Daming Lake

  • Yaoqiang International Airport

    35 KM | 36 MIN Drive Yaoqiang International Airport is the only airport in Jinan City.
  • Jinan West Train Station

    16 KM | 26 MIN Drive Jinan West Train Station is the main train station in Jinan, guests from Beijing or Shanghai will pass by here first.
Points of interest
  • Daming Lake

    200 Meters | 2 mins Walk Daming Lake Park, designated as a prestigious international tourist destination, exudes a captivating aura with its array of cultural narratives and historical myths. The Xinqiji Memorial Hall, Yuhe Pavilion, Tiegong Temple, and other charming locales collectively create a rich and immersive ambiance within the park.
  • Baotu Spring

    2.2 KM | 5 mins Drive Among Jinan's trio of renowned attractions, Baotu Spring takes its place as a prominent gem. Once heralded by Qianlong as the world's foremost spring, it holds a unique distinction. Nestled within this picturesque landscape is the former abode of Li Qingzhao, a celebrated poet from the Song Dynasty, infusing the locale with a profound and captivating cultural ambiance.
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