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Experience the intact nature of Ho Tram in your own way


Dhawa Ho Tram

Dive in the vibrant uniqueness of Ho Tram - where the sea meets the forest

Blessed by mother nature, the endless green curvelines besides the glowy sweeping ocean of Ho Tram await your immersion in the peculiar experiences.

From a leisure stroll on the silvery shoreline to adventurous sweat-breaking recreations, they all give you the best reminiscences about this magnificent landscape.

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Resort Activities
Come and enjoy the pristineness of Ho Tram's nature with green experiences and activities

Local Attractions

Trek along a primitive rainforest, or steam in a hot spring. Natural landmarks abound in Ho Tram, waiting to be discovered.

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Experience a vibrant family moment at Dhawa Ho Tram

Resort Activities & Recreations

Delight your stay with tons of joyful experiences and recreations that are inspired by the local cultures and identities to explore the magnificent Ho Tram!

101 things to do at Ho Tram

Outdoor Activities

Delve in an exceptional concept of stylish and trendy vacation at Ho Tram - where the unspoilt nature intermingles with contemporary vibes and discovery spirits.

tet folk games

Traditional Tết Celebration

The vibrant springtime of the Year-of-the-Dragon has landed at Dhawa Ho Tram - it's time for a Tet retreat with your family and dive in our endless choices of Tet experiences!

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