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Local Attractions

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Cicada Ho Tram

Cicada Ho Tram - the representative of the green forest with stunning experiences.

Across the 68 hectares of the primitive forest, Cicada is the home to a native wildlife of tremendous endangered species.

Such marvellous outdoor experiences, into-the-nature games and other explorative activities are calling to you now!

Operation Hours: 8AM - 5PM

Horse Riding at Cicada

Vung Tau City

Vung Tau Port City - a renowned destination, which is apart from Ho Tram with less than a hour driving, is a first-choice place to visit and explore the beauty of the Southeast coastal area.

From the cultural and religious selections to local streetfood vendors, a vibrant, active and wonderful Vung Tau shall be the thing that stays in your mind after the journey.

The scenic curves, the tranquil coastline and the majestic hills are still waiting for you to come over and dive in!

vung tau xity

Ho Tram Beach

Local night market is always a distinctive beauty of each region with differentiated cultural, culinary and commercial values.

Approximately 6km away from Dhawa Ho Tram, the Ho Tram night street brightly appears with an array of stalls for local cuisines and recreations amid the twinkle fairy-lights.

All the way down to the streets are the food vendors with bold strokes of locality from the designs to the tastes, which emphasizes the rich sources of freshly-caught seafood by the fishermen on the local bamboo-coracles.

ho tram night market

More Places to Visit

Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve is an ideal choice for those who want to travel back and contemplate the ultimate wildness of the local nature - into the intact primeval green curvelines and other endangered species.

Right next to the lovely Ho Tram, Ho Coc beach is in another small coastal town that brings such charming beauty of pristine sand-bank, turquoise water and primeval plants.

Originally dedicated for aquaculture, the Long Son raft valley now has turned into an exotic destination for any guests to experience catching the alive seafood from the net cages and dining on the floating raft houses.

Travelling to Phuoc Hai, one of the eldest fishing village in Vietnam, shall be a distinctively unforgettable experience of the sea-salty smell from the handcrafted fish-sauce besides the locally-unique one-sun-dried seafood.

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